"This guy's a monster on the acoustic guitar." - Annette Warner, A Warner Entertainment

"This guy's a monster on the acoustic guitar." - Annette Warner, A.Warner Entertainment!

"Raleigh's Andrew Kasab plays a curious instrument: the harp guitar. His twelve-string acoustic apparatus looks like something snatched from a Hieronymus Bosch painting, but in Kasab's hands, it delivers the most delightful sounds." - Allison Hussey, Indyweek

"Truly an amazing artist, I found so much talent and diversity in Andrew Kasab's music, I was immediately pulled into his mix of funky acoustic rock, red-hot blues and superb folk sound." - WilmingtonNCMusic.com

"Kasab sounds like he's fronting a band that's not actually there, and one can imagine the band swinging into a groove behind him, all busy bass lines and semi-funky snares. " - JamBands.com

"On behalf of the Board of Directors of Triangle Uncorked, I wish to say thank you to Andrew Kasab for entertaining at Triangle Uncorked 2007. Andrew Kasab's music was excellent and well-received. Andrew was a pleasure to work with and very professional. I will not hesitate to call on Andrew again in the future." - John Thomas, North Raleigh Rotary Club, Chairman Entertainment Committee

"Kasab uses the tonal diversity and range of the harp guitar with aplomb and artistry. Percussive picking, harmonic tapping and dynamic fretwork in concert with melody are present throughout this CD [Guitar.Tune.Art]." - James Filkins, Minor 7th

"What a great record ["Seven"]. Great playing. I was very pleasantly surprised." - Todd Fitch, The Ternion Complex Internet Radio


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“I believe in spreading positive music and see the influence of that with every performance.”
-Andrew Kasab

Not your ordinary acoustic guitarist. No loops. No electronic trickery.
Andrew Kasab is a guitarist, harp guitarist and singer-songwriter. He is known for energetic performances, using traditional and contemporary techniques, arrangements of modern and older works across a wide spectrum of styles for the guitar and harp guitar and has been performing for over 30 years. Andrew is a BMI artist and is endorsed by K&K Sound and Timberline Guitars.

“Big stages are fun, but I love the intimate, right-next-to-your-audience shows. There’s nothing quite like making jokes with folks while entertaining the pants off them.” Traveling extensively throughout the United States, Andrew has forged fans and connections everywhere, from small towns in the middle of nowhere to the larger cities. “The truly best thing is to keep running into great people everywhere, it really is fantastic.”

Andrew grew up in Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C., on an ever-widening menu of music, ranging from classical to roots and everything in between. From starting on guitar at an early age and performing in venues as a teenager, he embraced the wonderment that comes from composing and arranging music. “When I was younger, I was fortunate to study with a variety of teachers that gave me insight into classical, blues, jazz, country, rock and more. I have always incorporated self-teaching as well and still strive to learn more about different genres and styles and how they can influence me on my instruments.”

He is known for exhibiting the subtle beauty of harmonic resonance that can be patiently pulled alongside of blistering works full of fiery energy from his instruments. Andrew is a modern folk artist who believes in being successful rather than famous. Playing shows big and small, self-recording multiple albums and working hard to create his music, Andrew’s most favorite thing to hear from venue owners and audience patrons is that they felt uplifted by his positive music and energy.

“My hope is that I am making a difference and contribution to the world for the better with my talents.”
-Andrew Kasab


Andrew Kasab


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Andrew Kasab - Tech Stuff

Andrew Kasab uses two acoustic instruments:
Timberline Harp Guitar
Martin OM-28

Artist has a Direct Box (DI), vocal mic (if none provided) and will need 120 volt, 15 amp grounded circuit of AC power downstage center or within 25’ of performance space.

Inputs needed:
1) XLR line for artist DI
2) Vocal microphone on a boom stand.

All inputs at a reasonable level without feedback. Some sort of EQ is always nice.

If you have any questions – PLEASE ASK!
Email: booking@andrewkasab.com

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