What is that instrument? What did you play? Where do you play? 

A harp guitar is an extended range instrument based off the standard guitar. Most modern models have 6 un-fretted sub bass strings that typically go lower in pitch than the standard guitar string pitches. The steel string style has been in the US since the early 1900’s. 

The model you saw me playing is a Timberline T60 model that has a multi K&K Sound pickup system installed in it. I am an endorsed artist with both companies.

Every harp guitarist has their own spin on how to tune their instrument. I usually use variations off of a ‘Bennett’ tuning (G-D-C-B-A-G) or multi re-entrant tunings (F#-D-A-C#-F#-G) that are relative to the relative key of the piece I am playing. 

For the guitar I use D’Addario medium gauge strings and the Sub-basses are a custom made set of different D’Addario strings. 

The harp guitar, like any instrument, requires attention to technique and willful study of music that reflects well on the instrument in hand. It is more complex in than standard fingerstyle guitar. 

As a guitarist and bassist for many years, it was an eye-opening experience to discover the harp guitar through artists such as Michael Hedges and Stephen Bennett. In my opinion, they are good examples of different approaches to the same instrument and represent valuable insight for understanding the musical range of the Harp Guitar. 

Yes. I like to sing original lyrics and also by artists that I can relate too; if the lyric represents something I have experienced I can get behind the emotion required to deliver it. I don’t take requests at shows.

I use a preamp and sometimes a TC Electronics SCF Gold pedal to enhance the harp guitar, but that’s it. 

I have played in bands and with other artists before, but do not currently. 

Folk. I consider my music to be a combination of traditional and contemporary music and techniques based out of several regional styles. 

Yes. If you saw me perform live, you would have seen me do a lot of original music. I also arrange other artists music as well. 

I teach guitar, bass and ukulele at Music and Arts in Cary, NC

Yes. Use the contact form to connect with me regarding your event.

I perform at a wide range of venues including - craft breweries, wineries, cocktail bars, hotels, libraries, farmers markets, bookstores, community events, restaurants, bottle shops, distilleries, benefits, festivals, coffeehouses and the list goes on and on….

I play steel string guitar, harp guitar, classical guitar, baritone guitar, ukulele, harmonica, electric bass, electric guitar and a mean kazoo. 

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